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OEM Nano-Drive® Controller

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  • Fast delivery without added design costs
  • Interface with staff scientists who have direct research experience
  • In-house CNC fabrication under the direct control of designers
  • In-house wire EDM fabrication under the direct control of designers
  • Specialty materials available
  • UHV expertise is extensive
  • OEM designs with customized or printed circuit board level controllers

custom connector for piezo stage   custom system with XY micropositioner, high load XY nanopositioner, high speed objective lens positioner    custom vacuum compatible piezo stage

Custom Solutions

From simple modifications of existing designs to completely custom projects, Mad City Labs’ engineering team has the capability to quickly provide unique piezo nanopositioning systems for specialized requirements. In-house research scientists with extensive experience in UHV instrumentation, optical spectroscopy, and nanotechnology can provide the real-world advice and assistance to move a project from concept to reality. Generally, this work is done without NRE charges and without any requirements for multiple unit orders. Whether you need a special physical configuration, expanded or reduced range of motion, compatibility with environmental conditions, or special materials, a short discussion with our technical sales staff and engineers will quickly reveal the feasibility of a custom solution.

Design Parameters

  • Axes of motion needed?
  • Range of motion for each axis?
  • Required speed of motion?
  • Dimensional limitations?
  • Center aperture?
  • Environmental conditions (UHV, magnetic fields, etc.)?
  • USB computer interface needed?
  • Coarse positioning needed?
  • Mass of attached components which must be moved?

  • Custom, proprietary designs without engineering charges
  • Prototype systems available for performance testing
  • Brand labeling and custom controller packaging available at no extra charge
  • Annual blanket order discount pricing with scheduled monthly deliveries
  • Board level OEM controllers available for integration into larger systems.
  • Custom system firmware and dll's can be provided for specialized USB digital control


Piezo Z-axis stage inserts
  • 100μm, 200μm, 500μm ranges of motion
  • Customized dimensions and mounting
  • Custom aperture sizes
  • Custom sample holders

Heavy duty, single axis piezo nanopositioners
  • 100μm, 200μm, 500μm ranges of motion
  • Move loads up to 20 kg
  • Withstands off-axis torque loading
  • Sensor head and machine tool positioning
  • Customized dimensions and mounting

High speed, high resolution laser scanners
  • 2 milliradians to 10 milliradians of motion
  • Mirrors up to 2” diameter can be mounted
  • Customized dimensions and mounting

Piezo objective lens nanopositioners
  • 100μm and 200μm ranges of motion
  • Higher resolution and lower cost than competition
  • FEA designed to produce exceptionally low off-axis errors

Long range, single axis piezo nanopositioners
  • Up to 500μm range of motion
  • High resolution
  • Highly linear motion, low off-axis errors
  • Customized dimensions and mounting

Long range, multi-axis piezo nanopositioners for microscopy
  • Ranges of motion up to 200μm
  • High resolution
  • Low height stages for convenient sample placement
  • Customized dimensions and mounting

OEM Systems

Mad City Labs has proven expertise in designing and producing custom piezo nanopositioning systems for integration into a wide variety of technical products. In-house design physicists with extensive technical instrumentation experience combined with in-house CNC machining and assembly allow Mad City Labs to go from concept to first prototype in approximately 30 days. In some situations, custom firmware and dll’s developed by Mad City Labs’ programming staff can speed up final product development by incorporating special motion profiles into the OEM Nano-Drive® controller. Although this catalog gives an overview of the types of nanopositioning systems commonly produced by Mad City Labs - please keep in mind that 50% or more of our production is dedicated to OEM designs which are sold under other company names and are not shown on our catalog pages. Whether you have an annual requirement for hundreds of systems or only ten, Mad City Labs can provide a prompt quotation and immediate help with custom piezo nanopositioners designed to fit the application.

Additional Information

Custom Solutions Catalog Pages
OEM Catalog Pages
OEM Nano-Drive® Brochure

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OEM Nano-Drive® Controller

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