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Mad City Labs systems rarely need repair, but if a repair is necessary, our typical turnaround time is 1 to 2 weeks from when we receive the system to when we ship it back, not including transit or customs processing time.

Mad City Labs is the only authorized repairer of Mad City Labs products. Repairs performed by other vendors void the warranty and are at the customer's own risk. Products may be sent for repair through our current representatives and distributors, subject to obtaining a returned material authorization (RMA) number.

Repair Procedures (Warranty and Non-Warranty)

  • Contact your local representative, the Mad City Labs US office, or the Mad City Labs European office. We will provide technical support to diagnose the problem and supply guidance on any adjustments that can be done to eliminate the problem before sending the system in for repair. Please supply the serial number of the product (typically there is one on the stage and one on the controller), problem description, and problem history including duration of the problem and changes to load, software, wiring, or companion hardware that coincided with the start of the problem.

  • If we decide that the problem cannot be resolved without sending the system to Mad City Labs, we will issue an RMA number and provide RMA forms with instructions about how to return the system to the Mad City Labs US office for diagnostics and repair. Repairs must be accompanied by an RMA form with an authorized RMA number.

  • We need all components of a system to complete a repair. Each nanopositioning system is factory tuned for best performance as a stage and controller pair. As part of our standard repair procedure, we perform a recalibration and test of the complete system including stage and controller.


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