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Mad City Labs’ Nano-Route®3D is a LabVIEW based motion control and data acquisition program that allows users to command our USB 2.0 enabled Nano-Drive® controllers. Upon start-up Nano-Route®3D identifies the attributes of the attached Nano-Drive® controller, the user then has the option to generate and run routes based on preloaded parameters or custom entered parameters. This capability allows both novice and experienced users to quickly generate customized motion control, including complex multi-axis routes. Routes can be generated via simple “go to” commands or more sophisticated point or time based functions. Motion commands to the Nano-Drive® controller can be issued via single write mode or waveform acquisition mode (single download of all data points) depending on application requirements. A graphical display previews the generated command route and may be edited prior to the route being run. During execution of a route, Nano-Route®3D retains the ADC (sensor), and DAC (command) data retrieved from the Nano-Drive® controller. This information is displayed graphically in a separate window. The graphical representation can be customized and the information exported for analysis.

sine wave graph of nanopositioner motion in Nano-Route3D nanopositioner motion in Nano-Route3D
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  • Easy to use graphical interface for both novice and experienced users
  • Live position tracking
  • Point and time based function paths
  • Complex multi-axis route creation
  • Control over pixel, line and frame clocks to facilitate complex path creation.
  • Route preview window
  • Graphical display of executed route (commanded and actual).
  • Position information fully exportable
  • LabVIEW compatible. Can be used “as is” or expanded by additional user generated programming.

AFMView™ 2

AFMView™2 is Mad City Labs control and visualization software for AFMs incorporating the MadPLL® or QS-PLL™ awith other Mad City Labs nanopositioners and micropositioners. With this software, customers can build and control custom AFMs that use tuning fork sensors or the Akiyama type sensor probes. AFMView™2 provides automated surface approach, scan control and automatic tuning fork setup routine. Scan data may be saved and exported. Scan data may be exported to analysis programs such as Gwyddion or MountainsSPIP. Probe data may be saved and imported. By using the QS-PLL™ wih AFMView™2 an AFM that performs scanning magnetometry may be constructed and controlled.

LabVIEW - examples and tutorials

Sinewave generator vi is created in the LabVIEW tutorial. National Instruments’ LabVIEW is an established graphical programming language specifically designed for scientific measurement and control applications. Mad City Labs’ USB computer interfaces are LabVIEW compatible and come with examples which illustrate the operation of nanopositioning stages under computer control. Often, the LabVIEW examples are enough to allow experienced programmers to move ahead into more complex control schemes for specific nanopositioning applications. First time and infrequent users of LabVIEW will find Mad City Labs’ LabVIEW Tutorial a very helpful resource to quickly understand the essential concepts and start creating useful control software. Both the LabVIEW examples and tutorial are provided free of charge with every USB enabled nanopositioning system. Mad City Labs’ programmers are available to write custom LabVIEW vi’s for specific applications. Contact our sales engineers to discuss the technical requirements of your ideal nanopositioning control software.


Inscoper Imaging Solution is a full-featured control and image acquisition solution for fluorescence video microscopes. Based on a specially designed electronic unit, the Inscoper Solution offers an enhanced user experience with improved technical performance, system integration, and ease of use. INSCOPER is currently compatible with Mad City Labs nanopositioners and micropositioners, and it provides a user interface to the RM21® class of microscopes.


Confocal image of cortical microtubules in Arabidopsis cells. Molecular Devices’ MetaMorph is an industry standard software package for microscope automation and image analysis. MetaMorph provides direct control of Mad City Labs’ nanopositioning stages using Mad City Labs’ digital USB computer interface in addition to the standard analog control signals. MetaMorph integrates high resolution nanopositioning with image acquisition and analysis. Direct programming control of the nanopositioning stage is handled in MetaMorph - making knowledge of specific nanopositioning control commands unnecessary.

Confocal image of cortical microtubules in Arabidopsis cells. Image courtesy of Dr. Sidney L. Shaw, IUB Light Microscopy Imaging Center

Image-Pro with Scope-Pro

Confocal image of pancreatic islet cell. MediaCybernetics’ Scope-Pro microscope control module works within the Image-Pro family of image acquistion and analysis software to form an integrated microscopy software package. Scope-Pro directly controls Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems through standard analog control signals as well as the optional Nano- Drive® USB digital computer interfaces.

Confocal image of pancreatic islet cell. Image courtesy of Dr. David Piston and Dr. Steven Head, Vanderbilt University

μManager with ImageJ

μManager is a widely accepted open source software package for controlling microscopes and for image acquisition. μManager combined with ImageJ, a popular open source image processing and analysis package, forms a powerful and adaptable research tool with an active community of users. Mad City Labs contributed adapters (specialized control software) to μManager to provide direct control of Mad City Labs nanopositioning and micropositioning stages. All software can be downloaded directly from the μManager and ImageJ websites:

Slidebook 5.0

Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i) latest digital microscopy software, Slidebook 5.0, provides analog motion control signals for single axis and XY-axis nanopositioning systems.
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