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Single Molecule Microscopy
>>TIRF Lock™

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Product Description

After the user sets up TIR illumination and establishes the desired sample Z position, TIRF Lock™ keeps the sample in the focal plane by measuring the displacement of the exiting TIRF beam and maintaining that position via software feedback. The TIRF Lock™ system includes a quadrant photo-diode (QPD) head, a TIRF Lock™ controller, and a LabVIEW based VI. The TIRF Lock™ system is compatible with Mad City Labs RM21™ microscopes, the MicroMirror TIRF system, and the TIRF Module.

As shown in the diagram above on the left, a small change in Z position of the sample due to differential thermal expansion in the microscope will result in a small change in position of the exit beam on the detector. The software uses that change in position to calculate an opposing change in the nanopositioner Z position, as shown in the schematic above on the right.

Technical Specifications

Detector Wavelength Range 400nm-1000nm
Detector Peak Responsivity
0.4A/W @635nm
0.67A/W @900nm
Recommended Incident Beam Size 300 µm to 1.5mmm
Sensor Size 2.4mm x 2.4mm
Clear aperture diameter 0.5 inches (1.25mm)
Aperture thread SM05 (#0.535-40)
Detector head mounting thread 8-32 or M4
Mounting post holder thread 1/4-20 or M6 (magnetic base and clamping fork provided)
Detector head cable length 6 feet (1.83m)
Power supply 90-260V
Controller dimensions 8.375 x 3.5 x 12 inches
PC connections USB 2.0
Operating system compatibility (32 or 64 bit) Windows XP Pro/Vista/7/Window 8

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