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  • XYZ motion
  • Proprietary intellegent control
  • High Native precision and accuracy
  • Nanopositioner compatible
  • Many models available
Typical Applications
  • Single molecule microscopy
  • Electrophysiology
  • Multi Photon Microscopy
  • Interferometric Scattering Microscopy
  • Scanning NV Magnetometry
  • Automation

Product Description

The Mad-Deck™ is a versatile stage platform designed for a variety of advanced microscopy techniques. It is ideal for microscopy and imaging applications that require free access above and below the sample plane. The Mad-Deck™ is available in a variety of models, all of which have automated Z axis travel. The Z-axis has been specifically designed to ensure planar motion. The heart of the Mad-Deck™ is our proprietary intelligent control resulting in ultra-precise and high stability stepper motor movement. These attributes also make the Mad-Deck™ compatible with our closed loop piezo nanopositioning systems allowing users to implement nanoscale imaging and microscopy techniques. The Mad-Deck™ is designed for use on all optical tables and can be customized for your application via standard options: encoders, breadboards, riser plinths, sample holders, etc. The Mad-Deck™ is driven by the Micro-Drive™ controller which utilizes a USB digital interface. This allows users to use the supplied LabView based software or develop their own VIs for automation. In addition, the Micro-Drive™ is compatible with other 3rd party software..

Technical Specifications

Linear encoder resolution (optional)
50 nm
Micoropositioning step size 95 nm
Maximum speed 1.5 mm/sec
Native Accuracy 1.0 μm
Native Repeatability < 100 nm
Body material Aluminum
Controller Micro-Drive™
Computer interface Bidirectional USB

Model Travel (XY) Travel (Z) Manual Axis Motorized Axis
Mad-Deck™ 25 x 25 mm 24 mm   XYZ
Mad-Deck™/ LT 50 x 50 mm 49 mm   XYZ
Mad-Deck™/ M 25 x 25 mm 24 mm XY Z
Mad-Deck™/ Z   24 mm   Z

Additional Information

Mad-Deck™ drawing

Mad-Deck™ Catalog Page

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