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  • 25mm total motion on XY axes
  • Manual micrometer position adjustment
  • 1 μm vernier scales
  • Integrated, continuous position locking
  • Fits inverted microscopes and can be
  • customized for other optical setups
  • Highly stable
Typical Applications
  • Coarse positioning for high resolution piezo nanopositioning stages
  • Direct replacement for standard, nonlocking microscopy stages
low profile micropositioning stage with manual micrometers for Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss inverted microscopes

Product Description

The Manual MicroStage is a high precision, low profile, XY stage with integrated position locking for use with all standard inverted optical microscopes or customized for other mounting requirements. Designed specifically as a coarse positioning base for use with high resolution piezo nanopositioners, the Manual MicroStage provides 25mm of travel on each axis combined with micrometers with 1μm vernier graduations for precise adjustments. An internal pre-load force of 10 N built into each axis ensures that the Manual MicroStage is continuously locked securely in position and is able to resist forces transmitted by high speed piezo nanopositioners mounted to the top surface of the stage. Standard microscope stages, without position locking, often drift out of position as a result of acceleration forces produced by a piezo nanopositioning stage as it moves through a scanning sequence. Elimination of drift is critical to proper sample imaging and raster scan alignment. An optional breadboard assembly with threaded mounting holes (1/4-20 on a 1 inch pattern or M6 on a 25mm pattern) is available to provide a convenient mounting surface for probes or other experimental assemblies. Standard Manual MicroStages are offered for the following inverted microscopes: Olympus IX/IX2 Series, Nikon TE2000/Ti Series, Leica DMI Series, and Zeiss Axiovert/Axio Observer Series. Manual MicroStages designed to fit other setups, including direct mounting to optical tables, may also be requested.

For extended XY motion (to 50mm) combined with a design that allows microscope objective nosepiece rotation, see the Manual MicroStage-LT Series. For Olympus upright BX microscopes, see the Manual MicroStage-BX, which is also compatible with Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioning systems.

Technical Specifications

Axes of Motion


Range of motion (XY)
25 mm
Graduation 10 μm
Vernier graduations 1 μm
Body Material Aluminum

Additional Information

Manual MicroStage Series Drawing
drawing of micropositioning stage with manual micrometers

Manual MicroStage Catalog Pages
catalog page for micropositioning stage with manual micrometers

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