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MCL-NSOM Catalog Pages

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  • Complete inverted optical microscope
  • Six axes of motorized control
  • Closed loop XYZ piezo nanopositioning system
  • Independent automation for fiber alignment to optical axis
  • Alignment camera and detection APD included
  • Software included
Other Applications
  • Aperture-less NSOM
  • Resonant probe AFM
  • Near field spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence & epifluorescence microscopy
MCL-NSOM shown without acoustic, light tight enclosure

Product Description

The MCL-NSOM is a fully operational near field scanning optical microscope. It has been built on Mad City Labs versatile RM21™ inverted optical microscope which allows users to convert between NSOM, SPM, and fluorescence optical microscopy techniques.

The MCL-NSOM builds on our successful resonant probe SPM and incorporates common elements such as the MadPLL® phase lock loop controller. The NSOM also exploits our expertise in precision motion control by including six axes of motorized positioning, for the sample and NSOM probe, and three axes of closed loop piezo nanopositioning to provide exceptional position resolution and accuracy.

The MCL-NSOM also includes a 635nm laser excitation source, fiber launch, oil immersion objective lens (20x, 0.4 N.A.), CMOS alignment camera and avalanche photodiode detector. The microscope configurable design allows researchers to tailor the instrument for many different optical microscopy techniques including near field spectroscopy.

The MCL-NSOM is operated in aperture mode with shear force feedback. The standard 5 modes are supported: illumination, collection, illumination and collection, reflection and reflection collection. We supply a LabVIEW™ based software package which automates the motion control features.

Instrument overview of MCL-NSOM hardware

Schematic of the probe positioning element in MCL-NSOM
Schematic of the probe positioning element

Technical Specifications

Sample micropositioner (XY) 25mm
Lens micropositioner (Z)
Fiber micropositioning (XYZ) 25mm
     Micropositioning step size 95nm
Micropositioning controller Micro-Drive
Piezo Nanopositioner range of motion (XYZ) 200μm x 200μm x 30μm
     Resolution 0.4nm (XY), 0.06nm (Z)
     Step size 0.2nm (XY), 0.03nm (Z)
Nanopositioning Controller Nano-Drive®
Communication USB 2.0
DAC/ADC 20 bit
TTL outputs 4 channels
NSOM operation Aperture

Shear Force

Phase lock loop controller MadPLL®
Software AFMView™
Software compatibility LabVIEW™
Objective lens 20x, 0.4 N.A. oil immersion (infinity corrected)
Excitation and detection 635nm, 5mW laser diode with fiber launch
0.3MP fiber alignment CMOS camera
Avalanche photodiode (200nm-1000nm), 1mm active area)
Supplied accessories Coaxial illuminator (LED)
Tuning fork with attached single mode fiber for NSOM
Tuning forks with etched tungsten tips (3)
Tuning forks(10)
Power supply 90-260 VAC (50/60Hz)
Operating system Windows Vista/7/8/10


MCL-AFM image of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads MCL-NSOM image of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads
50 μm x 50 μm images of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads on a glass coverslip. Images taken using Mad City Labs AFM (left) and NSOM (right). NSOM in transmission mode. NSOM data collected using 640nm light with 100x, 1.25 N.A. objective lens and avalanche photodiode.

Additional Information

MCL-NSOM Catalog Pages


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