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PicoQ® Sensor Technology
Ultra-Low Position Noise
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Extended Cable Lengths Without Performance Loss
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Outstanding Accuracy

PicoQ® sensors are inherently linear, making them ideal for piezo nanopositioning systems. Other types of sensors used in piezo nanopositioning require high order correction terms and expensive, specialized control electronics to achieve their claimed linearity. Mad City Labs nanpositioning systems with PicoQ® sensor technology can achieve the performance shown below without the need for higher order correction terms.

All Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioning products are rigorously tested before shipment. These tests involve a series of measurements designed to fully characterize the performance of the piezo nanopositioning system with a realistic environment and testing conditions that match the application. Available metrology tools include NIST-traceable interferometers, high resolution atomic force microscopes (AFM), and a high resolution position noise analyzer, designed specifically for nanopositioner characterization.

The inherent linearity of PicoQ® sensor technology allows Mad City Labs to offer superior piezo nanopositioning system at lower prices. Other vendors list specifications for piezo stages that can only be obtained with high cost controllers and incorporating high order polynomial correction terms, allowing their customers to believe that these specifications apply even with the lower cost controller options. Mad City Labs favors transparency when specifying our products. Mad City Labs products with PicoQ® sensor technology include a second order linearity correction, and achieve performance superior to capacitive sensors without the need for higher order corrections or special controllers. When you purchase Mad City Labs products, there is no surcharge for performance.

The data below are a linearity measurement of a 100 micron range piezo nanopositioner with PicoQ® sensor technology (model Nano-Bio100) driven by the Nano-Drive® controller with USB. The measurement was obtained using a NIST-traceable interferometer. The measurement indicates an impressive linearity error of less than 0.01% over the full range of motion.

linearity of Nano-Bio100 nanopositioning system measured by NIST-traceable interferometer

Linearity of Nano-Bio100 with PicoQ® sensor technology. The linearity of the nanopositioning system was measured with a NIST-traceable interferometer. The linearity error of the system is measured as lower than 0.01% over the full range of the nanopositioner.

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