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PicoQ® Sensor Technology
Ultra-low Position Noise
Outstanding Accuracy
Extended Cables without Performance Loss
>>No Performance Loss in Vacuum

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No Performance Loss in Vacuum

Capacitive sensors have a problem in vacuum. Capacitive sensor performance degrades with added cable length (in air or vacuum), with 60% increased position noise for every meter of UHV cable added. This problem limits the versatility of any piezo nanopositioner that uses a capacitive sensor for position feedback, and can be a major drawback for both research and OEM applications. PicoQ® sensor technology, used exclusively by Mad City Labs, is not affected by cable length and has no performance loss in vacuum. Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioning systems can have custom UHV cable lengths and air side cables can easily be extended by adding standard, well-shielded extension cables without performance loss. Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioning systems with PicoQ® sensor technology also do not require costly signal conditioning boxes.

The following measurement confirms that piezo nanopositioning systems with PicoQ® sensor technology maintain low position noise after the addition of UHV cables. In the experiment, the position noise of the piezo nanopositioning system was measured with the standard cable length of 6 feet [1.8 m]. Noise measurements were repeated after adding 18 foot [5.5 m] UHV compatible cables. The difference between the measurements at different cable lengths was negligible, showing that UHV cables and cable length do not affect the performance of piezo nanopositoining systems with PicoQ® sensor technology.

position noise spectrum of 200um nanopositioning system with various cable lengths

Position noise spectrum of a 200 micron range nanopositioning system with PicoQ® sensor technology. Two experiments were performed with the standard cable length of 6 ft [1.8 m] and with 18 ft [5.5 m]UHV compatible cables.
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