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  • Active stabilization for days
  • 3D stabilization at the nanometer scale
  • Particle tracking capability
  • Corrects for temperature gradients & drift
  • Simultaneous image acquisition & stabilization
  • Integrated hardware & automated software control
  • Microscope platform independent
Nano-Cyte® is a stabilization system that eliminates the microscope drift that limits advanced fluorescence imaging methods. With Nano-Cyte® you no longer need to be concerned with temperature gradients, sample drift, and microscope drift. Unprecedented stability in the nanometer regime allows long term experiments as never before.

The Nano-Cyte® works by using the image of fluorescent fiduciary references, sparsely distributed within the sample, to localize these emitters in all three dimensions. The Nano-Cyte® uses this 3D localization information to provide active position adjustments to the sample, thus eliminating drift in the experiment.

Nano-Cyte® is the complete stabilization and image acquisition instrument for advanced fluorescence microscopy. Our integrated approach to 3D stabilization yields image stability up to 3nm in X,Y and Z axes. Nano-Cyte® has proven stability over days and is a unique offering that promises to revolutionize advanced microscopy methods.

Additional Information

Nano-Cyte® Brochure

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